If you had asked me a year ago whether I wanted to be a Rep for your company, my answer would have been HECK NO. 

I was too busy running around like a crazy person trying to manage a small business of my own along side one of my best friends.  We even had a team of our very own Reps and Enthusiasts working with us.

When our little business turned into a larger success than we had anticipated, we started to struggle with finding the balance between our growing business, families, day jobs and just life in general. 

After much thought, we made the extremely difficult decision to close-up shop. 

I enjoyed the ‘extra’ time I now had to myself, so naturally I filled it back-up.   This was precisely when I developed my obsession with succulents. 

During my time as an entrepreneur, I had connected with fellow small shops and accumulated many of their products. 

Missy May Bags was one company we worked with often. I basically owned the entire line of their bags and may have been considered a groupie (which I was fine with).

I had known the founder, Amie a.k.a. The Boss Babe, for many years and we re-connected as fellow #GirlBosses with a passion for cheap wine and sewing beautiful things.  

Shortly after closing my business, Amie asked me to join the MMB Team.  She was hesitant as she knew I was just coming out of another venture, but I jumped at the chance.

I very much missed the small business community, so to be a Brand Rep was the perfect fit for me. 

This is not like your regular Rep position though, I assure you.  I am a full on member of the team and am part of the decision making, design influence and public relations work.  I even have my own business cards. 

I get late night and even earlier morning text messages and am included in their inappropriate banter.  I feel just like family. 

Oddly enough, I actually didn’t even officially meet Missy May Bags’ second half, Lizzie a.k.a The Lady Boss, until two months after working with them.  But who couldn’t love her, that accent alone stole my heart! 

Business Meeting - MMB Style

Business Meeting - MMB Style

Missy May Bags’ vision is for all women to have limitless capabilities in a world of no boundaries.  And their mission: to create products that are a daily reminder that #itswhatsinside that makes you beautiful, #itswhatsinside that makes you strong, #itswhatsinside that makes you powerful and #itswhatsinside that makes you your own #GirlBoss. 

They create wearable works of art with fun and beautiful liners to remind all of you that beauty starts on the inside.

The first Missy May Bag was constructed over twenty years ago in an after school sewing class on Vancouver Island by Amie and her dear cousin, Jenny May.

Although Jenny May is no longer with us, every bag is made in her memory: fabulous, vibrant and full of life.  

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be part of a business like this?  And did I mention all their bags are made vegan and cruelty free? Amazing.

You also won’t want to miss what these amazing ladies are doing this holiday season.  Make sure to check out the latest blog post on their website to learn about their Give Bag Campaign 2016. 

I am truly honoured to be Missy May Bags’ own Island Babe and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this rising company.  




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